Who is Sanna Seppänen?

“As a child I was more dirty than clean”

The sandbox was a place I enjoyed very much to play in, creating big sculptural car roadways.

I was about 8 years old and together with my three years younger brother we played in the sandbox for hours. We were both more dirty than clean during our childhood. We experienced a sort of mindfulness and we didn´t care about anything else, a feeling which many of you certainly recognize.

I was born in Soumussalmi, in the northeast of Finland in 1969. There is our forest house still today. I moved to Österbybruk in the north of Uppland in 1975. I´m the second youngest of five children. My heritage and origin are important to me, that´s why my artist name is ARTbySISU.

I was educated in Hotel and Restaurant business and worked for a long time at Scandic Hotel in Uppsala, but I felt that this wasn´t me, so I gradually started to create fulltime.

In 1998 I met my present husband, who supported me with all his heart, when I at the age of 28 started my artistic career.

I have quit twice from ordinary employments in order to be able to develop my creative abilities.

I have also worked up a gallery with courses and kickoff activities in Mariestad; worked as a developer of activities at an association of studies in Dalarna and now at last I have got the possibility again to develop my artistry fulltime and eventually I opened a showroom in Tällberg.