Welcome to ARTbySISU


ARTbySISU is going to make ice sculptures to Leksand during the World Ski Championships in 2015 in Falun, together with an artist from each lokal government in Dalarna under the guidance of ice sculptors from the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. You can see the whole event on the weekend before, Saturday the 14th – Sunday the 15th of February, behind Dalarnas Museum in Falun.

*During the World Ski Championships in Falun you can find me and ARTbySISU´s products at the agency of Siljan´s tourism in Rättvik

ARTbySISU makes its debut at Formex, the biggest interior decoration and design exhibition in the Nordic countries on the 17th of January in 2015. Monter B 04:48

Did you know that the word SISU was born during the Finnish Winter War? The word SISU stands for stubbornnes and fighting spirit. In 2017 Finland celebrates the anniversary of 100 years of independence as a nation. My name is ARTbySISU because I want to pay attention to this with my products and I also wish that you will participate in more SISU.